Adopting the patented MC-RFID technology, physical rack and IT asset map to the digital system by U-level module, U-level tag and AIoT gateway. This system decreases manual operation, avoids mistake risk and rise operation efficiency.
U-level IoT Module

•   Precise U-level Positioning. •   Auto Audit.
 Real-time Update Position Changes Info.
U-level & Room-level IoT Tag

•    Physical Asset Security Monitoring.  U-level level Monitoring.
•   Room-level Monitoring when IT asset    pass through UHF gate.  
AIoT Gateway

•   Supports 24 Racks.  
In-rack Environment Module
•   Real-time In-rack Temp and humidity Monitoring.
•   Different Indicator color represents threshold value.
U-level Asset Management SaaS
AIoT Gateway
Door Contact
Temp& Humidity Module
U-level Module
Rack 1
Rack 2
Rack 24
Real-time Management

In 2007, Digitalor is found  by James Liu, an IoT expert with more than 20 years experience, and Bean Wang, an former Alibaba Data Center expert. James Liu invented the U-level Asset Tracking Technology (MC-RFID) which brokes through the technical bottleneck and made great business values in digital U-level resource and asset monitoring.