Founded in 2007, Digitalor is the inventor of the digital tracking technology for data center critical information infrastructure, owns the only mature technology in this field, and is a global leader in the segmented field. Digitalor provides users with real-time whole-life cycle management services for infrastructure digital modeling, state perception, data collection, in-depth insight, and fine-tuning, to achieve real-time tracking of the physical location of IT assets, ensure data asset security, and provide fault and early warning, energy efficiency analysis, energy-saving optimization, resource optimization, risk control and other values. It helps users reduce operation costs, increase overall IT asset efficiency, improve ROI, and reduce unexpected downtime. At present, millions of smart sensors have been deployed in hundreds of data center of governments and organizations around the world, creating sustainable competitiveness for customers in real time.
MC-RFID US Patent: US 9633235 B2
Dec. 2013
Invented MC-RFID
Nov. 2020
Released V5 U-level asset  IoT module at New York  Marriott Marquis DCD  Conference

Found In 2007
Release V1 U-level IoT  module and UTAG
Release V3 U-level IoT  module and UTAG
Selected as one of  KPMG's "Core Technology" Emerging Companies

Academician Zhou Ji Visiting
Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Be the leader of Digital Operation for Critical Asset and Resource
Mission Create Sustainable Digital Productivity for User.
Value Empower Global Customers. Respect; Honesty; Responsibility
2017  MC-RFID obtains the Patent Authorization in US and China (US Patent No.: US 9,633,235 B2) 2019  Technology Advance Award in Data center (MOST) 2019  Top Company in U-level Asset Digitalization Technology Application 2019  DCD Best Operation Team Nominated in Asia 2020  Top 50 on Innovation Technology Borad from KPMG 70+ Patents

In 2007, Digitalor is found  by James Liu, an IoT expert with more than 20 years experience, and Bean Wang, an former Alibaba Data Center expert. James Liu invented the U-level Asset Tracking Technology (MC-RFID) which brokes through the technical bottleneck and made great business values in digital U-level resource and asset monitoring.