Reduce IT consumption
Increase Operation Efficiency
Increase Space Utilization
Reduce cooling consumption
Auto-record Position Changes
Be free from the asset position changes info input work
Real-time Security Monitor
Unauthorized Changes Alarm
Link with Cooling System to reduce consumption
Data 100% Accuracy
Space Utilization Management
Real-time monitor U Space
2-3 seconds to finish massive IT assets audit
Asset Security, Asset Availability, Resourece Utilization and Cost
Deep Insight

3s to find the target asset

In-rack Temp and Humidity Management

U-level Positioning

In 2007, Digitalor is found  by James Liu, an IoT expert with more than 20 years experience, and Bean Wang, an former Alibaba Data Center expert. James Liu invented the U-level Asset Tracking Technology (MC-RFID) which brokes through the technical bottleneck and made great business values in digital U-level resource and asset monitoring.