What is Data Center?A data center is a physical facility designed for the centralized storage, processing, and management of computer systems and related components. It typically includes a large n...
An U (Unit) is the most commonly used basic unit in the data center industry for calibrating the physical space of cabinets to store equipment. It is also the basic unit for calibrating the physical d
By integrating Digitalor’s asset tracking hardware and environmental sensors with Hyperview, users can effortlessly monitor an asset’s entire life cycle, from receipt to decommissioning. With instant
The U-level asset management process is based on server assets as the core, and the whole life cycle management system of assets is established.
According to China IDC hosting service market structure According to the statistics of the union, the main demand side includes cloud computing enterprises
As the core IT infrastructure for data collection, storage and processing, data center has entered the fast lane of development.As an important means of production
In the digital management and control of U-level assets in data centers, the key is how to realize the association between asset modules and RFID electronic tags, so that each asset has an electron...
U-level RFID asset management system is a data center U-level asset management system based on leading RFID technology.
Data center operation and maintenance, like cold and afraid of heat. In the jungle of the server, hot spots are everywhere, how to adopt a secure RFID new technology solution, starting from the rea...
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