US Patent No.:US 9,633,235 B2
Adopting the patented MC-RFID technology, physical rack and IT asset map to the digital system by U-level module and U-level tag. It realizes U-level asset and resource visualization to increase operation efficiency, cut operation cost, avoid downtime and ensure compliance.

U-level Asset Tracking and Protection Solution

Real-time Physical Asset Security Monitoring
Ensure the security and compliance of complete machine asset management (servers, storage, switches, etc.), and the component asset management (hard disk, CPU, memory stick, etc.)
Auto Audit with 100% Accuracy
Inventorying 4,000 assets is completed in 5 seconds, saving about 3000 USD per time. The asset quantity and the location is accurate, and the accounts are consistent.
IT asset U-level Position Tracking
Find assets in 3 seconds, location data is 100% accurate. Real-time U-level positioning and auto update positioning changes.
Improve IT Asset Planning Efficiency
Improve planning efficiency by 80% through rationalizing asset onrack and offrack.
Improved U Space Utilization
Increase U space utilization by 4%-10%,Estimated savings of 1000 USD to 2000 USD/cabinet/year
In-rack Environment Warning & Rack Switch Warning
Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity at 6 points in rack, real-time warning of abnormal temperature and humidity;Infrared detection cabinet switch, real-time warning for abnormal rack door open.
Customer Value
Track and protect IT asset ensure safety and compliance
We have global leading U-level tracking patented technology (MC-RFID) and serve more than 300 users, including government, finance, energy, public Utilities and so on. We help them to solve the manual operation problems. Service & Products Include:
•  Real-time Auto Find IT Asset   •  Real-time Auto Audit IT Asset   •  Real-time Monitor U-level Resource   •  IT Asset Whole-life Management   •  IT Asset Consumption Management
•  Very Early Warning for Fire •  Real-time Record and  Analysis for Asset and Resource
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